Can You Build Muscle and Burn Fat With a Pill?

February 4, 2021 by No Comments

If you ask anybody, “Would you like to build muscle and burn fat?” you would not be likely to get any “no” responses. The whole world wants to build muscle and burn fat, but fewer and fewer people are willing or able to go to the gym and give up McDonald’s to do it. What if there was a pill that could build muscle and build fat, would you take it? Would you even believe it?

Hundreds, if not thousands, of companies claim that they have come up with a supplement that you can take to build muscle and burn fat. Most of these supplements contain the same ingredient, protein. Protein mixed with amino acids and carbs or protein mixed with collagen or just protein, it seems that the secret is protein. There are different kinds of proteins, however. Fast acting proteins, such as that in whey protein, will give your body a quick protein boost and go directly to the muscles, but you are likely to feel hungry more often if using a whey protein supplement. Slow acting proteins, as found in egg whites, release slowly and you won’t feel hungry as quickly but overall see the same results. Best Collagen Protein Powder GNC

You will find supplements that claim to build muscle and burn fat that contain prohormone supplements. These are intended to build testosterone levels. Testosterone is needed to build muscle mass but has not been proven to burn fat. These claims are backed up by the fact that the building of muscle naturally burns fat. Those who take prohormone supplements must be diligent about working out and eating right, otherwise that extra hormone boost will result in gaining fat.

Supplements to build muscle and burn fat can be homeopathic (all natural) or synthetic (lab created), and they can be found in the form of pills, powders, liquid drops, shakes and bars. To choose the one that is right for you, make sure you are looking at the ingredients first and the form second. Are there other things that you want to achieve while building muscle and burning fat? You can increase your energy by finding a product that includes some form of good carbohydrates or ephedra. You can improve sleep with a supplement that includes L-carnitine, an essential amino acid that also improves muscle mass.

Before taking any supplement, whether it is homeopathic or synthetic, please check with your doctor. Only you and he knows your history and what is safe for you. He might not be able to recommend a supplement because most have not been approved by the FDA and won’t be included in his big book of drugs (the PDR), but he will be able to tell you if the ingredients are considered safe. Once you have found the right supplement for you, and discuss it with your doctor, you will be ready to build muscle and burn fat.


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