Digital Forensic Investigation

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Many individuals from across the world, of a variety of ages use a computer on a daily basis, either at work or at home. Unfortunately, this increased usage and the widespread availability of the internet has led to a higher number of criminal cases involving computers. Today, the police can analyse computers seized in the course of investigations to access files and crucial information that could help towards their criminal investigations, in a process known as a digital forensic investigation.

Digital forensics, also known as computer or digital forensics, is a science based discipline that aims to aid criminal investigations by uncovering vital information and files within computers. There are independent organisations in the UK that can aid the investigation process; their tailored services can assist the discovery of criminal activities such as, intellectual property theft, money laundering, indecent images, hacking and drug dealing.

Typical services offered by Digital forensics companies also include, deleted data recovery, e-discovery, mobile phone forensics, cell site analysis and secure data destruction. Although many businesses have an in-house IT team, due to the volatile nature of digital evidence, it is important to commission an experienced forensic team that follows ACPO guidelines and is ISO9001 certified, that can analyse digital information without damaging it.

These digital forensic organisations work closely with the police and other clients and inform them of any evidence that they uncover. This plays an extremely important role in linking a defendant to a crime, potentially aiding the prosecution. Working alongside the police, digital evidence can help to prosecute a range of individuals who have misused computer technology; such individuals may include pedophiles, hackers, fraudsters and terrorists.

Just some of the sectors that digital forensics can benefit are legal, law enforcement, the corporate sector, criminal defense, legal aid and the public sector. Dependent upon a client’s requirements the procedures that are implemented can be adapted.

For further digital forensic investigation information, these organisations have a range of case studies and resources available on their website. Those seeking computer forensics services can contact a member of their team by filling out their online contact form or by calling one of their experienced members of staff.


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