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Cingular Wireless is considered to be one of the largest wireless service providers in the United States with around 22 million voice and data customers across the United States. With such a large market in the country as well as potentials of expanding their operation to the international community, it is no surprise that Cingular Wireless will find ways to enhance their services in order to attract more potential customers.

In addition, it is no secret that one of the features that attract new customers in the mobile industry is customizable cell phones. And with the high-level patronage of the young members of population when it comes to wireless phone services, providing new features that fits their interest is one of the priorities of Cingular Wireless.

Cell phone customization reflects the personality of the user, one can change the look of the cell phone, add games, change the background and most of all change the cell phone’s ringtone. That gives the user freedom and control over his cell phone. English ringtones

Most cell phone manufacturers provide customers with the opportunity to choose their own ringtones–or compose their own. However, today, most users download cell phone ringtones from websites that offer them free.

Cingular Wireless subscribers can download their favorite ringtones from Cingular’s extensive library of ringtones available at However, this cell phone ringtones are not free. You have to pay before you can download them to your cell phone. But if you are looking for free ringtones, there are websites that will let you download free ringtones for your Cingular Wireless cell phone. Free ringtones are one of the highest keyword being searched on the internet and free Cingular cell phone ringtone receives around 60,000 searches a month, among the popular keywords are: free cingular ringtones, download free cingular ringtones, free cingular ringtones and cingular cell phone ringtones to name a few.

But, before downloading your free ringtone you must first know what type of ringtone you Cingular cell phone supports. Cingular Wireless supports almost all type of ringtones depending on your cell phone of course. The most common type of ringtones are monophonic, polyphonic and real music ringtones. New type of cell phone ringtones are now hitting the market, this includes video tones and mega tones among others. Please visit Cingular Wireless website with regards to the type of ringtones your cell phone supports.

Once you know what type of ringtone your cell phone supports, you can now choose your free ringtone and download them directly to your cell phone or save the free ringtone to your pc and then upload them with USB data cable. You can also download free ringtones directly to your cell phone from WAP sites, but your phone must be web enabled or Internet enabled before you can download them.

If your phone is not web-enabled do not worry, there are a lot of sites on the internet that offer free download of cell phone ringtones for Cingular Wireless subscribers, all you have to do is search using the search engines. You can also get free cell phone ringtones is through some fellow Cingular Wireless subscribers who are willing to give free ringtones, mostly they made this free ringtones themselves using some software called ringtone maker. Also, you can swap free ringtones with other cell phone users, but of course if you intend to swap free ringtones you need to make sure that you both support the type of ringtone. More Information visit:-

Another way to get free ringtones is by downloading your own “ringtone maker” and make your own cell phone ringtones. There is a software called “Audacity” which is an audio utility software that is used to edit audio files. This edited audio files can then be used as ringtones. Although it is a bit technical but if you managed to learn this, you can then make your own free cell phone ringtones. With this you can virtually have a unlimited supply of free ringtones, that you can share with your friends.



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