Epilepsy – Know the Facts

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Epilepsy is a chronic disorder occurring most frequently in adolescents and the elderly. It can also occur in patients that have recently had or recovered from brain surgery. Epilepsy is neurological in nature and causes periodic seizures, which reflect brain over activity. Unfortunately due to the wide range of triggers, most people affected by this acute condition discover only after a seizure, the neurological hyperactivity. Epilepsie bei Kindern

Though epilepsy is not yet curable, it can be remedied through usage of antiepileptics. Despite that, some symptoms of epilepsy last for a period of time because they are stage related like those occurring in children. All in all, when choosing epileptic medication, ensure it is only prescribed by a certified medical practitioner. There are two types of epileptic seizures which are distinguished by whether the victim is conscious or unconscious. A victim is conscious if they are aware and have the ability to respond.

This is because the epileptic brain activity is isolated to a portion of the brain. An unconscious victim, however loses control as the entire brain is essentially trapped in the hyperactivity and can cause anywhere from unresponsive staring to uncontrollable jerking of limbs. These two types of epilepsy are properly referred to as localized (isolated portions of the brain) and generalized (entire brain affected by hyperactivity) seizures; generalized seizures being more severe.

Some causes associated with epilepsy in children are usually brain tumors, ailments, or severe head injury. Other symptoms in older children, adults, and elderly can even be related to narcotic and alcohol usage as well as irregular central nervous systems and altered genes. The most important thing is to understand what is occurring if you are a sufferer. Diagnosis and proper medication are two keys to living with epilepsy.

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