Food Technology School Trips to Spain

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School trips to Spain are an excellent experience for food technology students. The best way to learn about world cuisines is to visit the places where they are cooked, sample the local dishes and learn how to cook them from local chefs. Spain’s Catalonia and its regional capital Barcelona are, individually or together, top destinations: Catalonian cuisine is delicious but easy to learn, with different culinary approaches that will expand students’ repertoire in the kitchen.


Visiting Catalonia on food technology excursions allows students to learn about this fascinating region through its food. A highly qualified local chef will lead the group in demonstrations of how to cook important Catalonian dishes, including Paella, Spanish omelettes, Mediterranean salads and Catalan cream and Torrijas. Sampling the dishes at the end of the session is, of course, the reward for the students’ diligent learning. music technology school

To take breaks between learning sessions, students can also visit Catalonian food producers around the region on their school trips to Spain. One highlight is La Fageda, a yoghurt and dessert processing plant. Students can see some of the company’s five hundred cows and hear about how they are cared for, fed and milked, and then learn how the yoghurts are produced and packaged for sale. Other options include going to the regional capital of Barcelona, to the Nutrexpa Food Factory, Museu de la Xocolata and more.


Food technology school trips to Spain’s most vibrant city, Barcelona, take students to the urban heart of Catalonia. Under the guidance of a local chef, they will gain experience in how to combine savoury and sweet notes in popular Barcelona culinary styles and learn about the role of regional ingredients.

Students can also go on excursions that will broaden their awareness of food industries in Barcelona. The Nutrexpa Food Factory is the manufacturing centre for one of the leading pastry producers in the country, with nine brands. Visiting it on a guided tour will give food technology students an insight into large-scale manufacturing. They can also go to the Escriba Patisserie, which has spent the last century creating bread, cake and chocolate confections. The Patisserie has a showroom where students will be able to learn about the history of the company and its speciality, as well as the process used today. Last, but certainly not least, is the Museu de la Xocolata. Many students will find it a highlight of their school trips to Spain. It has a fascinating exhibit that covers the history of chocolate in South America and Spain’s role in bringing it to Europe, with examples of traditional machines used to make chocolate. There is also a collection of chocolate sculptures – and, needless to say, an excellent shop where students can buy locally produced chocolate.

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