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Figuring out what the top 10 most wanted toys for Christmas are is very important if you want to make sure that Santa gets things right this year. These toys are flying off the shelves with increasing fervor, so it’s definitely best to act sooner rather than later so your shopping cart doesn’t look sadly empty.

Toy #1 – Elmo Live

The first toy you need to make sure you have is Elmo Live. Elmo is a beloved character for the young and old alike. This Elmo is so lifelike you won’t believe your eyes. For such a lifelike toy you’ll be surprised at how low the cost is!

Toy #2 – Bakugan Starter Pack

The next toy you need to have on your list for the Christmas 2008 season is the Bakugan starter pack. Children love the anime series Bakugan, so you definitely can’t go wrong when you decide to pick up these packs. They are also incredibly inexpensive, and make great stocking stuffers.

Toy #3 – Kidizoom Digital Camera

For that little photographer in your life, you’ll want to buy the Kidizoom Digital Camera. This camera is incredibly tough and durable for even the most carefree of children. It also contains features you’d expect on an adult- and much more expensive- camera. This one is probably less than you think.

Toy #4 – Flip Video Camera

The Flip Video Camera. Okay, so this one is technically not a toy. Still, this is a great first video camera for kids because it’s inexpensive, small, and very easy to use.

Toy #5 – Busy Ball Popper

For that baby or toddler in your life you’ll definitely want to look for the Busy Ball Popper Toy. This one is great because it has colorful balls that go through a tube and pop into the air! Tons of fun for your little one. 성인용품

Toy #6 – Furreal Friends Biscuit

Furreal Friends Biscuit Dog is a real winner for this holiday season. You can’t help but fall in love with this little pup because he is so lifelike. This one is on the expensive side, but the expense is well worth it to see the look of happiness your little one has on his face.

Toy #7 – Eyeclops Night Vision Stealth Goggles

Eyeclops Night Vision Stealth Goggles are next on the list because they are fun for everyone. It’s hard to believe, but this toy delivers in a big way by offering real night vision.


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