Generac – A Smart Choice for Backup Power Supply

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Generac is a producer of backup power supply units and has been in business for over half of a century. They boast many firsts in their industry, including being the first company to develop an engine specifically for use in a generator, as well as the first company to make generators affordable for use at home. They also produced the first ever line of generator related products affordable for small and medium sized businesses. And as if that wasn’t enough, they sell more home generators than all of their competition combined.

All this makes it hard to turn to any company other than Generac for standby generators. The fact is, they have something for everyone. For the business owner, the recreational vehicle operator, the homeowner-even parts for people who work on generators. Whatever the need, Generac can meet it with one of their product offerings.

The Generac portable generator modular enclosures

The Generac portable generator is exactly what its name implies-mobile. That means you can use it on a construction site, camping, or any other outdoor event. And the fact that it’s easy to move also makes it the ideal backup power supply for your home. You can easily wheel one away and tuck it aside. And on that fateful day that the power goes out, it’s simple to pull out and wheel to your desired location to hook it up. All of this is made even easier by the conveniently located handles that aid in helping you maneuver the generator.

The Generac RV generator

Love hitting the road in your RV but hate the never ending search for external plug-ins? If so, Generac offers an answer to all your problems with the Generac RV generator. But why choose Generac for your RV generator? Well, Generac manufactures them specifically for the RV user. Meaning that:

• No matter the altitude, you can count on your RV generator

• Whatever the climate conditions, your generator will power your RV

• You have one less thing to worry about on your next trip!

Generac RV generators come equipped with their special OHVI® engine, which takes reliability to the next level.

Generac generator parts

Even though Generac is synonymous with reliability, at some point you may need to replace a part on your generator. Be it a simple filter for maintenance purposes, or something a bit more serious, you may find yourself in search for generator parts. Your best bet is to go with Generac Power Systems brand name parts, as they are made by the manufacturer and specifically tailored for your generator. All you need to do is find a reliable distributor and you’ll have access to a wide variety of Generac generator parts-from breakers to carburetors to coils. Why would you ever go generic if you can get the real deal?



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