Selling Images Online – 3 Tips For Success

February 17, 2021 by No Comments

If you want to make some extra cash selling images online then there are several things to consider in order to maximise your bottom line. compress PNG imagesĀ 

Any business needs to keep an eye on where the money comes from and to concentrate on those areas. Selling photos online is exactly the same, so lets take a look at where you should be doing the work.

1. Keyword research. All internet based businesses are built on good solid keyword research. It is a complete waste of time trying to promote anything that is not being searched for regularly.

2. Knowing your audience. As a photographer you will have a certain preference for the types of pictures that you personally like to take. This is fine but be aware that some images sell much better than others, for instance images of pets and flowers are usually less in demand even if you can get them accepted by the stock photo sites.

3. Use your time effectively. Make a list of the best-selling pictures on the stock image sites and collate a list of the common features. You will notice that a few themes will keep cropping up. This ties in with point one above and should be used in conjunction with it.

Once you have a list of the most popular topics and themes plan your time to go out and grab some of this type of photograph.

With a plan in mind it will simplify your shooting schedule and you should end up with more usable and profitable images. Time is money as the saying goes, so don’t waste either.

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