Tips For Caring For Your Reptiles

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If you are new to owning pet reptiles than there are some basic care and wellness tips that you need to know. Proper understanding of habitats, environmental needs, and handling will help you enjoy your new pet and start a healthy and happy relationship. Reptile care information 

Depending on what type of reptile you have the environment can be quite different. However there are some common things that need to be understood for all reptiles. First is the size and type of the habitat. A couple of lizards maybe comfortable living in a small tank. However, if they enjoy running, digging, and things of that nature, you may need a larger 65 gallon long tank. A python on the other hand has it’s unique needs. They are tree climbers and would need a very tall and large snake cage to accommodate a fully grown adult. The important point to remember is to get an enclosure that suits your animal’s needs.

Heating and humidity are two more factors that need to be considered. If you have a lizard that is desert dweller like the bearded dragon, they will require sufficient heat sources and there is not much of a concern about humidity. As long as the reptile cage is kept in the 80 plus degrees with an area to warm themselves they are quite happy. If you have a python from the example above, they will require a ware cage, and a heating area, but they also need a sufficient amount of humidity to remain healthy. These animals come from two very different environments and their habitats need to be set up to mimic it as best as it can.

Heating and humidity in a reptile enclosure can be accomplished by adding a few accessories. Most reptile stores carry heating pads, rocks, and lamps that you can affix to your cage. There are also plenty of humidifiers that are specifically made for reptile cages.

The handling of reptiles can vary by breed. It is always best to get them used to being handled by humans when they are young to avoid any issues or problems as they get older and a misplaced bite can do a lot more damage. Lizards can be quite docile and easy to hold, however as with humans, a lot depends on the individual temperament of the individual. Reptiles are not known to be one of the warm and cuddly pets, however their owner do have a fondness for them and enjoy handling them on a regular basis.


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