Winter Skin Therapy

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With a fresh snow already behind us, we start to think of all the wonderful things winter brings with it. Along with all the joy winter brings us, we can not lose site of the changes in our skins needs. The harsh climate factors such as wind, sun, and cold air along with indoor heat strip the skin of its natural moisture. Dehydration is a major cause of many undesirable skin ailments such as: acne, enlarged pores, premature aging, sensitivity, redness, dullness and excessive oil production. To reduce this you must change your skin care regime for a colder, dryer season. It is important to formulate a skin therapy program that will penetrate and retain moisture into the lower layers of the skin. In order to do this you must combine three crucial elements: at home care, facials, and technologically advanced treatments. Say goodbye to dull, dehydrated skin and say hello to soft and supple skin.

Let’s explore what must be done at home utilizing skin hydrators, moisturizers, and exfoliator’s to ensure your skin is glowing and vibrant all season long. The skin is the largest organ in our body but also the last place water consumed impacts. This is why we need a drink for our skin. One place many people overlook and a crucial step in skin care is the hydrator tonic. Ling hydrators are not your conventional tonics or astringents, they are formulated to saturate, penetrate and retain moisture to the lower layers of the skin. We recommend the refreshing tonic or the dry tonic for colder seasons. If you are already using a Ling tonic but still feel dryer this season here is a simple trick. Add a few drops of Ling Pure Squalene to your tonic; it is derived from olive oil known to nourish the skin afflicted by dehydration. Iv therapy

Since dry weather depletes your skin of moisture it is important to maintain skin hydration. In order to do this you need to use moisturizers that inhibit natural loss of moisture from the skin. Ling moisturizers are formulated with key ingredients to seal in hydration while protecting the skin from environmental factors such as wind and cold. We recommend the Ling moisturizer 02+C which includes Vitamin C, Beta Carotene and oxygenating Glycoprotein’s that hydrate and nourish the skin while also acting as powerful anti-oxidant reducing signs of aging. Moisturizers are much more effective on exfoliated skin; the removal of dead skin cells promote cell turnover and increase your skin’s ability to retain and absorb moisture. This is one of many important reasons’s to add a mild peel to your skin therapy. The exfoliation process using a Ling Papaya Enzyme peel can be done at home twice a week ensuring soft, supple and healthy skin.

Don’t forget about your eyes and lips this winter. The delicate, thin skin around your eyes depletes moisture quicker. It’s crucial to use an eye cream that hydrates as well as counter acts wrinkles. Lips retain less moisture than other parts of your body allowing them to dry out more quickly. Ling Eye & Lip Repair is a fabulous way to fight both of these issues. Don’t forget your sunscreen during the day; even though it is cold this time of year, it doesn’t mean you are safe from sunburn, especially at high altitude.

Two crucial elements that compliment at home care are that of facials and advanced technological treatments. At Antoine Du Chez we have the opportunity to customize each facial specific to every clients needs. For optimal results schedule a time to meet with one of our skin care specialist for a skin analysis. Here are three facials with assorted treatments that are outstanding for all skin types as we enter this cold, dry season: Ultrasound Hydrating Facial, Oxygen Cellular Rejuvenation Facial and Microdermabrasion Facial.

The Ultrasound Hydrating Facial is the ultimate facial for dehydrated skin. Intense hydration is achieved by a technological treatment of Ultrasonic penetration. Penetrating Pure Squalene, an olive oil derivative and Cell Repair to stimulate the growth of new cells into the deeper layers of the skin. For dull and tired skin we have the Oxygen Cellular Rejuvenation facial. This oxygenating facial promotes healthy cellular turnover to rejuvenate, revitalize and restore dull and dehydrated skin. Oxygen plasma is deeply penetrated into the skin and an oxygen masque is used to revive the skin for a vibrant glow. The third facial recommended for the winter months is the Microdermabrasion Facial. Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation, skillfully abrading the surface of the skin getting rid of dead unhealthy skin cells allowing for cell turnover and promoting healthy cells. A Chemical peel specific for your skin is done on each of these facials to help loosen up the bonds of unhealthy cells producing vibrant and youthful skin.

As the climate changes, specifics of each clients skin care regime must be adapted to protect it against these environmental and climate changes. Healthy skin begins with a well balanced skin care regime consisting of these three crucial elements: at home care, facials and technological advanced treatments. By incorporating all three of these we will be prepared and protected for the winter months ahead.

As a skin Care Specialist and Esthetician in Denver, Sherry brings 4 years of experience and a positive and compassionate attitude to Antoine du Chez. Getting into the beauty industry has allowed her to create an experience for her guest and gives them the best care possible. Sherry strives to meet the needs of all of her guests and enjoys educating them about skin and how to properly take care of it.


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