18 by 24 Poster Printing – 5 Marketing Questions for Optimum Results

February 4, 2021 by No Comments

Many people or business, when planning their marketing or advertising campaigns or for that matter, their causes and events as well, forget that there is more to 18×24 poster printing than meets the eyes.

Other than focusing on the desired out and results, there are man questions that are left unanswered. Sometimes, these questions concerns the graphic designers who needs to know more other than the target audience. It also concerns other people who need to make full use of this campaign and fully implement it.

It is only natural that there are some questions that are left out with so much information and tasks laid out before you. While some of the questions I’m about to ask are practical, remember, that some are skipped over and again, forgotten.

Ask these questions that would augment your performance for better outcome or results. With a 18×24 poster printing campaign, it helps that everyone knows the answer to the following:

1. How will 18×24 poster printing tie in with your other campaign materials?

Admittedly, poster printing is one of the many means you can use to popularize and start off your campaigns. Try to see just how it will work with your other materials. After all, as a different material, posters can serve as visual elements that will interest them, while, brochures let us say, provide the necessary information they need.

2. Along with the previous question, know too how you will design all of your materials? A3 Poster stand

Sometimes campaigns, although they are propelled and held together by a unifying theme or concept, use 18×24 poster printing in more ways than one. Instead of merely replicating the design from other print materials, you can also use 18×24 posters to hold a bolder design. This creates variety in uniformity without losing the spirit and identity of the campaign.

It always helps to experiment and make full use of an 18×24 poster. After all, it is relatively, a much bigger medium than ordinary prints.

3. What are your 18×24 poster designs’ motivations?

There are businesses that have successfully shaped their identity through campaigns like Absolute Vodka. Then there are others who merely use 18×24 posters as another means to advertise and boost sales.

Knowing what your priorities are and what you desire to communicate in your 18×24 poster campaigns are essential. For in the process, you can end up establishing who you are and your brands are against putting up campaigns that do not create consistency and long-term brand identity.

4. 18×24 posters are commonly printed on one side, but if you plan to put them up mostly on glass windows and doors, why not print on both sides?

Many people forget that 18×24 posters are flexible materials you can work with. They can be printed on 100lb. Gloss Text or 100lb. Gloss Cover.

Print full color posters both sides, so you can use 100lb. Gloss Text as an insert to magazines and other publications or use 100lb. Gloss Cover to make durable posters you can hang.


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