5 Toyota Vehicles Perfect for Spring and Summer

February 7, 2021 by No Comments

Warmer weather is on its way and that means that it’s time for family vacations, road trips, and other travel opportunities. If you’re looking for a new vehicle that will help you enjoy the spring and summer weather, consider one of the Toyota models presented below. mobil keluarga

1: Prius

Unfortunately, spring and summer are also a time when gas prices usually begin climbing thanks to refinery plant maintenance and a busy travel season. If you’re looking for a way to hit the roads without spending a lot of gas, consider looking into a Toyota Prius. Recent Prius models get 50 or more miles per gallon and still have plenty of storage space left over for camping gear, beach equipment, or other vacation necessities.

2: Highlander

If you have a big family who will be accompanying you on your vacations or you just need lots of storage space, the Toyota Highlander has what you need. The Highlander has seating available for seven passengers, all without feeling cramped. Most Highlanders also have four-wheel drive, meaning that you don’t have to stick only to the well-traveled roads. With lots of space and enough versatility to bring you almost anywhere, this is a great vehicle for families who plan to take lots of trips together.

3: Tacoma

For those who don’t have to worry as much about passengers but need a rugged vehicle for outdoor jobs or rough travel, the Toyota Tacoma is an excellent choice. This midsize pickup truck has torque ranging from 180 pound-feet to 266 pound-feet, depending on the model. It also has excellent off-road capability, which means you can bring it practically anywhere. If you’re looking to take on some outdoor construction projects or just need to find an off-road campsite that will give you some peace and quiet, this is an excellent model.

4: Sienna

One of the best minivans on the market, the 2013 Toyota Sienna recently landed on the US News list of top values for lease and purchase. This minivan combines the best features of space and efficiency. It seats up to eight passengers, yet is still capable of getting up to 25 miles per gallon on the highway. It also has some great technological features, such as a steering wheel console, Bluetooth connectivity, and music streaming. For family trips, this is one of the best minivans around.

5: Avalon

The Toyota Avalon received an update in 2013 that has been very well-received. It provides a smooth, comfortable ride with more luxury than many people expect. The automatic transmission changes gears very smoothly, allowing you to enjoy the sights without worrying about engine difficulties. Most of all, the Avalon is an affordable vehicle, ranked #3 among affordable large cars by US News. Overall, this is an excellent pick if you are planning to buy a new car in the spring or summer.


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