Benefits of Field Development Planning Software

April 16, 2021 by No Comments

Fluctuating market conditions, remote working and shrinking budgets are pushing operators to evolve quicker than ever. Aucerna Field Development Planning software empowers planners, engineers and economists to make the right decisions to reach asset goals.

Equip your teams with one comprehensive tool to build schedules, visualize current activities and easily make updates as realities in the field change. By seeing the effect of schedule changes on production start dates and volumes, you can stay confident of production schedules and estimates.

Aucerna’s solution features cutting-edge field development modeling software, with powerful simulation and optimization tools that enable teams to quickly and easily understand the economic impact of reservoir size, facilities, capacity, rig schedules, and more. field planning

Provide all multidisciplinary teams, including reservoir, marketing, production and finance, shared access to development plans, latest estimates, budgets and roll-up reports based on actual multi-source data, current operations and scheduling

Factor in more variables, dependencies and risks than any other system, to produce detailed planning models that are defensible, auditable and fully incorporate constraints and downtime

Reduce well interference with visual surface network modeling that allows allowing you to evaluate and prioritize network flow optimization across your field.

Leverage a complete stochastic engine to enable optimization and understand trade-offs between different development plans and scenarios. Generate multiple scenarios in order to properly evaluate and test a particular petroleum development plan.

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