Drug Abuse Takes Too Much Away From Life

January 28, 2021 by No Comments

I have seen so many lives wasted from the abuse of drugs that it breaks my heart to see so many young people use drugs. I have not only tried drugs I have seen so many people that I have known destroyed their lives because of drug addiction. I did not take most dangerous drugs that were available when I was young. I took enough one time, after I left home, to leave me almost paralyzed for weeks, so that I learned just how much drugs could take away from my life. I thought that doing drugs was cool so I was taking pills, and I never really knew what I was taking besides speed. I could have died or overdosed just because I never thought about what was in these pills that I was taking. buy ketamine liquid onlineĀ 

I have seen so much death and waste of life by people that I cared about. I still do not know to this day what damage I did taking drugs. I have watched so many friends and their kids be come completely dependent on the drug known as crack. So many young people think that taking drugs are cool. I am here to tell young people that the use of any drug just takes away not only your independence but as time goes on the need for drugs increases. Addiction is the most costly part of taking any drug that should not be taken.

I have watched so many young people I know get so addicted to crack that they would do anything just to get another taste. There are way to many down sides to letting any drug take over a person’s life. I know you get where you constantly need the same drug and more every time that it is used. These drugs eat holes in your brain over years of use. Long term addiction destroys your ability to think clearly. These drugs not only leave physical scars, they stop the ability to learn long term. I have seen people that have taken drugs since they were young teenagers and their mental growth stopped the day the drug abuse started.

Drugs make people do things they would not do if they did not need a fix just to get through the day. Taking drugs makes that person a slave to their addiction. I have watched people steal to support their habit. I have watched drugs turn young girls into hookers and worse. I have watched girls I knew when they were young have babies that are addicted to crack. These young parents did not even care that they had a child all they wanted was their drugs. So many young children lose their mothers to drugs. I have watched three generations of the same family addicted to drugs.

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