Eco Friendly Insulating Paint Additive

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Eco friendly paint additives are the buzzwords of modern day society. Fueled by constant demands for energy saving products coupled with a psychological desire to limit the damage being caused to our environment through our actions and daily lifestyles. These products promise to be the future answer to some of these problems. insulating paint

Products of text book marketing theory referred to as “social marketing” for those in the industry. These products are the result of socio-economic demands as an essential component in the complete insulation of homes, building and other premises. Combining the other buzzword of modern day society – convenience, the product ranges are on the whole efficient, effective and very simple to use. Typically applied by adding to paint and away you go, is the claim made by leading manufacturer and distributor Thermilate, based in the UK.

In using such products society will benefit with a win-win situation. Benefits to consumers of such products are the energy saving they promise, which can be as high as 25%. This in turn impacts on costs and provides users with greater control over the temperature in their homes and other buildings where used. The gains for the environment are the resultant reduction in the usage of damaging carbon fuels, one only has to imagine the millions of homes and buildings out there to visualise what the impact on the environment of the absence of such products has been thus far.

These products work by reducing the amount of heat escaping through walls, which many people have yet to realise are a major form of heat loss in their homes or buildings. Social marketing messages to inform consumers across the world about heat loss through windows proved very successful in the 1970’s and 1980’s backed by multi million pound marketing campaigns. However, in time it has transpired that the messages were incomplete and failed to inform consumers about the heat loss through their walls, which ironically can be far greater than that which takes place through their windows.

How do they work?

Although technologically advanced and safe to use, these paint additives are amazingly simple in their application. Leading eco-friendly additives company Thermilate stated, “they work by reducing the amount of heat escaping through walls via their insulation and reflection properties. The technology has taken years to develop and the resulting product is highly effective.”

Heat loss is a fairly simple process – the walls, roofs and flooring are not impenetrable and they allow significant heat loss. These additives are featured in a multitude of journals. Products such as those mentioned above can slow down this process and inhibit this heat loss permanently.

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