House Spring Cleaning

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Our homes are perhaps our greatest asset and a comfortable place for us to live. They need to be a retreat from the stresses of the world and for this reason should be refreshing, neat and tidy. Nobody wants to come from work to a messy home or even to entertain friends in it.

While we turn our attention to daily and weekly chores there comes a time when we need to turn our attention to a house spring cleaning. Not only will it ensure that every nook and cranny of our home has been thoroughly cleaned, this cleaning will enable us to concentrate on maintenance and prevention cleaning afterward.

Preparing your home for spring cleaning
Clutter is the most prevalent problem facing spring cleaning. Before we can get down to the business of serious cleaning we first need to get rid of the junk that clutters our homes. Pick up and toss old magazines and papers. Tidy away toys and put other items back in their respective areas.

The key to successful spring cleaning is to be able to get to all walkways, surface areas, windows and doors. Your home should be tidy enough to get to the dirt that hides in nooks and crannies.

What needs cleaning?
Spring cleaning conjures up images of sunny days with the windows thrown wide open and sunlight flooding every room. It provides thoughts of freshness and summer scented air.

While it may not be possible to attend to every inch of your home, spring cleaning should cover lots of tidying, dusting and scrubbing. Study each room and make a list of what needs to be done. Your list will provide you with a timetable as well as what equipment will be needed. From this you will be able to divide up your chores into manageable sections. If you are aiming at washing all your curtains for instance plan to do them all at the same time. Without the clutter of curtains you will have the opportunity of getting to curtain rails, windows and windowsills. This will also give you the opportunity of dusting and cleaning high up into the corners of the ceilings.

Spring cleaning tips
Spring cleaning is traditionally undertaken in spring, especially in colder climates. The warmer weather provides the motivation needed to get rid of dust and grime accumulated during the winter months. However the warmer weather often calls for outdoor activities and spring cleaning is far down the list. There are ways to help you get organized and in doing so alleviate the time taken for this chore.

1. First, decide how much time you want to dedicate to the task and when it is most convenient. For instance some people may prefer to tackle the task over an entire weekend while others may prefer to devote a few hours to it each day over a period of time.

2. Ensure that you make your task as enjoyable as possible. Put on your favorite music and be sure to take sufficient breaks. Order your favorite take out foods as a treat at the end of the session.

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