John Breck and the Creation of iBuzzpro and Globe Travel Network

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If you’ve been around network or MLM selling for some time you will have come across John Breck and more recently Globe Travel Network and iBuzzPro. Globe Travel Network and iBuzzPro are awfully credible companies and John is great too. Surf experience company¬†

John Breck has been in the Networking and direct sales Industry for twenty-five years, and with all his experience, has developed a scientific way to sign up. Before we get into that though let me try to offer you a bit more background.

He has been in various MLM affiliations in his lifetime. He has acute success and has earned more than most MLMers could ever boast. But it was not always so. When John Breck initially began he struggled and fell flat on his face. That was before Voice broadcasting and iBuzzPro.

He tried all of the conventional methods like calling and chasing friends and family and spent lots of cash and time running advertisements. He bought expensive leads and even attempted cold calling. For him these strategies were too much work and yet they did not work. Then, with all of the folks he finally did get to join they could not or would not do the same things that he was struggling with. So he had no duplication.

He was determined not to give up as he knew people were making money. So John Breck decided to go where the money was. He started relaxing with some extraordinarily successful network marketers and asked them what they were doing for their achievement. The answer was pretty much always the same. 1) work smarter not harder. 2) quit chasing prospects and get prospects chasing you. You can do things to draw in prospects to you and make you the hunted.

But the key that he grasped from these relaxed, successful, and moneymaking network marketers was that he wished to 3) reveal his opportunity to the largest number of people for the least amount of cash in the shortest period of time. For example, if he were planning to do a Globe Travel Network presentation with one individual at a little restaurant then instead he would invite several more and hopefully finish up presenting to 5 or 6 at once instead of just one.

Another thing he learned was that 4) if something works then use that system day after day, month after month, stay consistent.. He also discovered voice broadcasting and the result of 5) massive action yields massive results. Another thing that he doesn’t go into detail on but practices, is to 6) use the system to sort and comb through the thousands instead of consistently selling one on one. Next 7) share that system with your team so they can duplicate exactly what you are doing. And ultimately (8) sell the system rather than your self because anyone can copy a system whereas you are unique.

Within a year of putting these methods into application his life was changed forever. When he learned those secrets and applied them he used them to earn over 1 million bucks a year. He brought over seventy thousand members in his sales organization. Like the millionaires claimed, forget chasing that one joker who never returns your calls any way. He went from seventy folks to seventy thousand reps in ten months. In his very own words he went “from zero to hero.

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