MacuShield – The Ultimate Eye Vitamins?

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Naturally, eyes and vision deteriorate just like the rest of the body as you age. However, we can aid our eyes to perform to the best of their abilities by giving them the vitamins and nutrients they require.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD or ARMD) causes loss of vision or blindness by hardening the arteries that nourish the retina. This deprives the sensitive retinal tissue of oxygen and nutrients it needs to function. Although AMD is age related, it is also linked with genetic inheritance, smokers, high cholesterol, diet, prolonged UV exposure, obesity, female gender and the Caucasian race having higher risks than others.

The Macula is essential to your vision and is made of three Macula pigments including LuteinMeso-zeaxanthin and Zeaxanthin. By eating foods that include these carotenoids, we help maintain our Macula and prevent or lower the risk of AMD. eyes vitamins walmart

Luein: found within vegetables like spinach and kale.

Zeaxanthin: found in yellow and orange vegetables such as corn and vegetables such as kale.

Meso-zeaxanthin: found in some quantities in shrimps and certain fish such as salmon, halibut, trout and sea bass.

As people struggle to consume their 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, many people consider taking vitamins for the eyes as alternatives. Eye vitamin brands such as Nutrof, Ocuvite and Macusan tend to focus on Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Omega 3 (also good for eyes). However, MacuShield have gone further by including Meso-zeaxanthin, which is at the very centre of the Macula where vision is sharpest and is increasingly being hailed as a more powerful neutraliser of free radicals than either Lutein or Zeaxanthin. Meso-zeaxanthin is also patented by MacuShield to ensure that they contain complete coverage of all three of the Macula pigment components.

So, should you buy MacuShield? Given how important most people regard their sight, it is best not to take it for granted. There may be a lot of factors which bring about AMD, but at least we have some control over a few of them including diet, UV exposure and smoking. We suggest eating a well-balanced and low-cholesterol diet as well as giving up smoking. MacuShield vitamin supplements help replenish the eyes with all the goodness they require so you don’t have to worry about not giving them enough nutrients. Research has shown that the health of the Macula can be boosted by 40% after 140 consecutive days of taking MacuShield. Users of MacuShield have reported it helped restore their vision after suffering from AMD.

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