Out With the Old Means Hiring the Best House Clearing Service You Can Find

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There are many reasons to require cleaning out an old home, including change of residence, tenants in a rental, and death of relatives. Under most circumstances this is a task that involves at least some emotional ties and that can complicate the procedure. Leaving the task up to a qualified professional house clearing service assures you it will be done speedily and thoroughly, saving you time and money. Often people who wish to remove old furniture and personal items are handicapped by emotion and tend to save items they later regret and do not have space for. Check the contents of the property in case there are heirlooms, valuables, or keepsakes you wish to hold onto, then let qualified professionals take care of the rest for you.

When looking for a capable company specializing in house clearance, keep the following in mind: Entr├╝mpelung Stuttgart


  • Discuss fees and other costs before making a commitment to a specific company. The cheapest may not always be the best choice when it comes to details of exactly what constitutes a house “clearance”, so make sure details such as where items will be disposed of and how much can be recycled are put down in writing before they begin the job.
  • Assuring the business you hire for the task is licensed as well as fully covered with liability insurance. If there are damages to your building or any items you have designated to be kept, they should be covered by their insurance policy.
  • If there are bulky or dangerous items that need removal, make sure the clearing service knows what to do with them, and where to take them for disposal. Items like old gas stoves and furnaces may require special handling when detaching them from the home or building.
  • Determine if there is enough clearance for the house clearing crew and their trucks to access the property without disturbing the neighbors.
  • Do present the supervisor of the house clearing crew with keys and any special instructions before they proceed on the date set for the job to begin.
  • Any good clearing company must be registered with the Environment Agency and items such as carpeting, appliances, and furniture should be taken to the proper areas for recycling.
  • Grounds around the house (or the entire lot if the house is to be torn down) must be cleared and all materials taken away safely.

The services provided by a qualified house clearing company will most likely be charged for based on cubic foot of area to be cleared, plus any extra instruction such as removal of harmful or toxic materials and recyclable items. Houses that will be renovated may need to be cleared of mold, mildew, lead based paint, or asbestos and this should be put down in the contract as to any additional payments for those extra services. If selling the house and property, there will be building inspectors and realtors to satisfy as far as the house being up to code and ready to be sold or rented out. A qualified house clearing service will know exactly what to expect when they take on your job.

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