Projects Done Quicker With a Portable Air Compressor and Power Nailer

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Those days of spending hours pounding nails to complete a project are over! No more smashed thumbs or sore arms from swinging a heavy hammer. A power nailer will get even the biggest job done faster and more efficiently. It is also the best way to ensure that every nail is straight, deep, and secure. With the right nailer you can drive thousands of nails a day.

There are two types to choose from. A stick nailer is fed from a tape of nails that slide into the nailer, just like you load a stapler. The amount of nails any stick nailer can hold varies, but on average is about 50-70 nails. This type of power nailer is great for small projects. For larger projects consider getting a coil nailer. They can hold up to 300 nails at a time.

Unless you anticipate using your nailer for a single purpose get one that gives you the most versatility with nail loads, sizes and types. A typical framing nailer, for example, takes 2 to 3-1/2 inch nails. One Porter Cable nailer uses pneumatic action to pound 1-1/4 to 6-1/2-inch nails but without a loading feature. Where you will be using it is also a major consideration. Will there be an AC power source within extension cord length, or would you be better off going with a pneumatic or cordless power nailer model? best brad nailer

Pneumatic power nailers operate from air pressure supplied by a small portable air compressor. If you choose this type of nailer, make sure you have an air compressor that has sufficient capacity to handle the requirements of the tool. Both the nailer and the compressor are labeled with air capacity specifications. Air hoses can stretch for 100 feet or more from the air compressor providing you with a good size work area.

To help you decide on the best model of power nailer for your needs consider these features. Make sure the nailer can drive the type and length nails you need. Does the nailer have a simple jam release mechanism? You do not want to stop work to spend time figuring out how to unjam a nail.

You want a power nailer that allows you to adjust the depth of the drive. This feature will allow you to use it with nails of many different lengths. This feature will also help you to sink nails flush with the surface of the work or even to countersink them.

Since the reasoning behind purchasing a power nailer is to give you the ability to pound large quantities of nails in a short amount of time, it should be easy to handle and not tiring to use. You want to select a power nailer that feels good in your hand. A heavy power nailer can become difficult to operate for long periods of time. Is nail loading a simple task? You want an easy and efficient loader. You want to be able to reload it in a few seconds, even while wearing work gloves.

For best results, make sure the nails you are considering are recommended by the manufacturer and are suitable for the particular project you are working on. Always wear eye protection and work gloves while operating any type of power nailer. It is always a good idea to get a power nailer that offers some sort of safety guard for your protection as well.


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