Stone Floors – Excellent Flooring Material

February 4, 2021 by No Comments

Stone is an excellent flooring material because it is beautiful and durable. It can take the pounding of decades of footsteps, and its looks improve with time. Stone is also versatile. There is such an incredible assortment of colours, patterns and textures that, if your budget allows, it will complement almost any setting. While granite is the most popular option, the range is enormous and varies widely in cost.

Stone’s tough characteristics make it ideal for use in heavily used areas, such as entrances and hallways, but it is also suitable for kitchens and bathrooms – and it can create a stunning living room. Once only available in heavy slabs, stone can now be found more easily in thin tiles, which are easier to handle. Despite this, installing stone remains a job for professionals.

One drawback of a stone floor is that it feels cold – great for cooling a room during summer and for natural refrigeration in a pantry, but elsewhere it can benefit from under floor heating to warm the surface. It is important to beware that stone can become slippery when it is wet. granite countertops near me

The main types of stone flooring are marble, granite, limestone and sandstone. They are sold as slabs in various sizes or as tiles, which are often smaller, thinner and lighter. All stone requires a strong subfloor that can bear considerable weight. Freshly quarried stone does not have the charm of age, but the finish can be roughened into a more worn effect by a process called “tumbling”, in which the surface is blasted with small particles of limestone. Smooth surfaces can be honed into a flat matte or low-sheen gloss. All of these processes make the stone more porous and, therefore, more susceptible to staining. Proper sealing and regular maintenance is all that’s necessary to keep a stone floor in tip-top shape.


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