The Best Irish Whiskeys to Warm Up Your Winter

January 13, 2021 by No Comments

Here are the 5 best Irish whiskeys for you to enjoy this winter and you don’t need to be from Ireland to enjoy them. Irish Whiskey has always been less well know than the Scotch Version, ironic when one considers that Whiskey originated in Ireland. The name itself, being derived from the Irish (Fuisce or Uisce Bheatha) for “Water of Life,” a phrase that very much exemplifies that Irish irreverence is not a new trait. Irish Whiskey makers rejected the large batch distillery method, when it came out, they felt that quality was being sacrificed for volume. Times have changed and Irish Whiskey is the fastest growing Spirits product in the United States and no longer confined to the homes or bars with Irish flags. The key distinction between Irish and other whiskies is that it’s usually triple distilled, features malted and unmalted grains. There are a number of Irish whiskeys that are single malt, as the distilleries are now responding to what the international market knows. From our standpoint the 5 Best Irish Whiskies are:

Green Spot Whiskey 강남풀싸롱

Greenspot Whiskey was made originally for the Mitchell family in Dublin in the 1800’s. This independently produced whiskey, still has that exclusive edge. Only 1200 bottles a year are produced and the world-renowned Whiskey enthusiast John Murray, has described it as “unquestionably one of the world’s great whiskies”. He gave it a rating of 91%, one of the highest ratings he has ever given. This is a pot Still Whiskey and very true to the roots of Irish Whiskey. Indeed, it is still primarily sold by the Mitchell family in Dublin.

Connemara Whiskey

The only cask strength whiskey in Ireland, this whiskey is not altered once it comes out of the cask, so strength varies from batch to batch. It is not blended, filtered, coloured or changed in any way. The mission behind this Irish whiskey is to make one that is reflects the way that a Whiskey would have been made 300 years ago.

William Napier 40-year-old Pure Pot Still

Produced in the 1940’s in the famous old Tullamore distillery, this was one of the last batch whiskey, produced there. It has age 44 years in casks, an exceptionally long time. This surprisingly is a Rich, spicy Whiskey. At €500 a bottle, it is one to be savoured for special occasions.


Ireland’s most famous Single grain Malt Whiskey, this 18-year-old single grain Whiskey is made by the independent Cooley Distiller in Louth. This zesty whiskey is limited to 4000 bottles per annum and. It is one of the few Whiskeys in the world that is made from a single grain, most Whiskeys being made from a blend of different grains and batches, in order to change the flavour


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