The Nitty-Gritty Behind Recording Schools

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Chicago, Illinois – This is regarded as the 3rd largest city of the country; it is also included in the list of top 3 cities where the best recording schools “hail” from. The city itself already has a solid resume – what with being the birthplace of Jazz in 1914 and iconic artists such as Michael Jackson and Nat King Cole; this explains why selecting one of the several Chicago recording schools for a music education is a brilliant idea. best music school in Austin

Indeed, the choices for Chicago recording schools are numerous and grand, given that the city itself is recognized for having a deep-seated musical history. The School of Media Arts at Columbia College offers undergraduate and graduate programs to provide students seeking an educational opportunity in the arts and recording. Most notable in this school is their department of audio arts and acoustics, which prepares students in today’s technologically advanced environment. Some of the courses offered: recording and production, recording live sound, music engineering and music design.

The Columbia College Chicago is regarded as the school that has the nation’s largest arts and media department. It follows that the courses that they offer are outstanding and mentoring and hands-on resources are endless. One of the finest urban institutions in the country, the student population is very diverse which allows for an education in itself.

Another one of the most reputable Chicago recording schools is Flashpoint Academy-Chicago. This institution is known to offer the most advanced techniques in the field of digital arts and entertainment and has a two-year program in Film/Broadcast Media Recording Arts. Their departments are engineered to replicate studios in the digital recording industry keeping themselves at the cutting edge of teaching students bold new ways to approach recording. Unlike most other schools of advanced learning, Flashpoint boasts of the fact that most of their curriculum were designed by industry professionals and not professors who are basically out of touch with the newest recording technology available.

The list of Chicago recording schools is vast and wide. There is the DePaul University – the perfect Chicago recording schools for someone who wants to have a bachelor’s degree in Sound Recording Technology. This private institution of more or less 24,000 students is the 10th largest private university in the US, the largest private school in Illinois and the largest Catholic University in America.

Among the things that you’ll learn from getting a 4-year recording education at DePaul are methods of acoustics and theory and the basics in recording sound for television, music production and video. The campus supplies state of the art sound equipment, but their courses offer much more than just typical classroom instruction. DePaul University offers off-campus teaching in world class digital and analog facilities where students obtain experiences in exact settings they will work in; a true advantage for those loving hands on teaching and mentorship opportunities.

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