Why Can’t We Just Have a Judge Render a Decision on Israel-Palestine Conflict?

February 4, 2021 by No Comments

Will there ever be meaningful peace in the Middle East? Specifically, will the Palestinians ever get their sovereignty, and will the last bloody conflict between Palestinians and Jews be something of the past? Is that even a possible or potential eventuality? It would certainly be wonderful if it happened like that.

Now then, not long ago a gentleman getting ready for an intern with a Think Tank dealing with Middle Eastern Issues, James asked; “Could not a judge have simply decided this a long time ago? How about today? And whatever the judge decides, the peoples of the Middle East have to abide by?”

Well, that is an interesting thought and it certainly piqued my curiosity to here such a plan. Indeed, I replied; Yes, I’ve heard this plan floated. I remember Jimmy Carter liking that concept, and although I am not on Jimmy Carter’s Christmas list nor him mine, it is worthy of mention and perhaps James is right, maybe would could look at this once again. Israel Palestina

Still, even if everyone agreed to enter; “Binding Mediation” or a Court Type Deal, the rendered decision would need to last. I am told by Biblical Scholars that it would only last for “17-years” as it has been written in prophesy, or so I am told, but then what? Put off for another day, what is inevitable, how can there ever be peace. And they’ve come close at times, but alas, the restless masses march again. Now there are water challenges in the region?

Is there a way to make such a plan work? Well, you could start with a; “Water Court” as there are huge water issues in that region. You could make mandatory creation of a desalination plant, water pipelines, and sharing of water. And, “if” all that worked to everyone’s liking then you’d have proved the court’s worth and trust and then you could move to the territorial issue, and duality – sovereign states living side-by-side, and it could work temporarily.

Unfortunately, we have the next generation coming up in Palestine and they are watching TV and being trained to distrust, no actually brainwashed into hating their neighbors in Israel – all over again, here we go, so that too would have to be dealt with. James states; “Just a thought…actually more like a solution in process,” and yes, it very well could be. It’s a good thought, we could write this up – float the plan and promote it, send it off to who needs to be thinking here. I think it could work if there was trust in the arbitrators, or court on both sides, by a neutral party.

Sometimes people want to be heard, but we’ve proven that if some groups yell and holler, then they end up getting what they want, thus, they continue the bad behavior. If settlements are torn down now, like before and the new construction retreats, we know from recent history that this will not stop rocket fire, suicide bus bombs in Israel, or Israeli border guards being taken hostage.

Now then, as skeptical as you might be, James admits “This might sound a little too simple to work…” And yet, it is has to be a simple plan or it can’t work! See that point? Maybe James is onto something here. Could this scheme be the beginning of an integral part of the solution?” Asks the future Think Tank intern? Well, okay so, it might be “PART” of a solution, if it could be implemented in time, we are entering crunch time, have you noted the middle eastern weapons build up over the last 5-years?

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